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We are looking for environmentally conscious travelers, companies and organizations to help us promote sustainable tourism by reducing plastic pollution.

Changing The Way We Travel

TAP is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of using disposable plastics and therefore encourage them to travel prepared. Our vision is to catalyze a self-sustaining global movement to reduce travelers’ use and dependence on disposable plastics.

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Chris Mackay, co-founder of TAP shares why and how to travel prepared to clean your own water. It’s safer, easier, cheaper and better for the environment.

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Find responsible tour operators, travel agencies, accommodations, and restaurants who are making a difference.

TAP Is A Project Of:


Committed to developing new processes in design and fabrication that will make our products last longer and consume less waste.

Grayl allows anyone, anywhere, to drink from hotel sinks, beachside taco stands, public bathrooms and spigots, as well as rivers and lakes.

Family owned, award-winning beer handcrafted in Leavenworth, WA. Bringing people together through great beer and food experiences.

Ecological sneakers made with natural and sustainable materials. Created on the principles of circular economy. Proudly made in Italy.

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