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We’re grateful that you are considering supporting our work to eliminate single use plastics in the travel industry. A quick way to show your commitment to the cause is by placing the TAP Supporter Badge prominently on your website with a link back to us.

With tourism arrivals at over a billion per year and increasing at 4-5%, the impact travelers have on the planet is immense. We can lessen that impact by supporting travelers, operators and the hospitality industry in reducing their reliance on single use plastics.

Your donation will help TAP focus on:

  • Changing traveler culture to reduce reliance on single use plastics.
  • Working with tour operators and hospitality providers to implement alternatives for their travelers.
  • Lobbying travel and tourism bodies to encourage best practices.

We welcome any donation you're willing to offer to support the cause.

Click on DONATE to be taken to a processing page where you are welcome to enter any amount you are willing to provide. Click on VOLUNTEER and share with us the type of help or assistance you can offer.

If you would like to explore other opportunities for your business, please read on.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

If plastic pollution is a concern to your company, please consider supporting our efforts through sponsoring our campaign in the following ways:


US$5000+ Donation

Your donation will allow us to create a 6-month marketing campaign to reach industry professionals about reducing plastics. ​In return we offer top placement on our sponsor page, a blog post, a social media push, press release about sponsorship, additional opportunities for recognition at events for each year of sponsorship.


US$1000 Donation

Your donation allows us to attend two international tourism events presenting the TAP message to operators and accommodation providers. We will give you second tiered placement on our sponsor page with company name, logo, and description. In addition we will publicize you through a blog post and social media push.


US$500 Donation

Your donation will enable projects such as us purchasing reusable TAP water bottles to hand out at events. We will give you third tiered placement on our sponsor page. 


US$200 Donation

This amount allows us to purchase TAP stickers for reusable water bottles. Given fourth tiered placement on our sponsor page with company name, logo, and link.

If you would like to discuss corporate sponsorship of TAP please Contact Us for more details.


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