Sustainable Seattle's Resource Impact Awards 28 Jan
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What an incredible honor to receive one of this year's Sustainable Seattle's Resource Impact Awards. As Paul Shoemaker (MC and Founding President of Social Venture Partners International) put it, Seattle went 'Beast-Mode' on sustainability in 2014. This made it very difficult for judges to select just one winner in several of the categories, something unheard of in past years. 

We would like to congratulate each of this year’s nominees and winners, as well as say thank you to Sustainable Seattle for recognizing TAP and all of the hard work we have put in to helping end the use of disposable plastic bottles in the tourism industry.  

Shoemaker made several Seahawk metaphors throughout the night, one specifically to introduce the Resource Impact nominees. He remarked that this category is analogous to the 110 'yards after contact' made by Marshawn Lynch in the NFC Championship. The work we do to tackle such a monumental environmental problem, is in a way similar to fighting for that first down after a massive linebacker has come at you full speed with only one purpose, to take you down. 

Our ability to rush for those last few yards needed to keep the play alive can only be accomplished with the support of our TAP communities both locally and abroad. We want to thank all of the independent travelers as well as participating organizations that have pledged to the cause and traveling responsibly. A second thanks is in order to Sustainable Seattle for their recognition as well as their dedication to Seattle and a healthier earth.

With love,

TAP Crew

Founded by the Executive Directors of two US-based sustainable travel organizations; Crooked Trails and Wildland Adventures.

TAP is proud to be a part of the 1% for the Planet network, which connects businesses and nonprofits to protect the planet. If you own a business, consider joining 1% for the Planet, naming us as your beneficiary.


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