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We know at TAP we talk about avoiding plastic all the time, and for good reason-there is a lot of single-use plastics out there discarded by travelers and its piling up and destroying the planet.

Are school trips living up to student expectations on the environment?

The current crop of school students are probably the most environmentally aware, and the most environmentally active, there has ever been, but are we helping to live up to the ideals they have?

Travel Without Single-Use Plastics. Can It Be Done?

It’s easy to have noble principles and good intentions, but putting your money where your mouth is can be another matter entirely. Which is why, here at STC Expeditions, we thought a little fanfare was in order to recognize the achievement of one of our school…

Plastic Is Killing Sea Turtles

If there is a poster species for the worldwide epidemic of plastic pollution, it’s sea turtles. The mothers swim through islands of plastic on their migrations and crawl through plastic to find their spots to nest on beaches. Nests are impacted by toxic micro-plastic…

Why Plastic Reduction Should Be Part Of Every Corporate Social Responsibility Plan

By now, the problem with plastics is apparent to most people. Who has not seen the photo of a turtle with a straw stuck in it nose, or giant circling patches of plastic garbage in our oceans? Globally, we produce 400 trillion tons of plastic, almost half of which is…

How to Purify your Water: Review of Roving Blue Tactical Black O-Pen

It is not every day I get excited about a new travel product, even though I am continually on the lookout, especially if it helps me travel plastic free. For over 20 years I have traveled prepared to clean my own water and am constantly updating what I use as…


Committed to developing new processes in design and fabrication that will make our products last longer and consume less waste.

Grayl allows anyone, anywhere, to drink from hotel sinks, beachside taco stands, public bathrooms and spigots, as well as rivers and lakes.

Family owned, award-winning beer handcrafted in Leavenworth, WA. Bringing people together through great beer and food experiences.

Ecological sneakers made with natural and sustainable materials. Created on the principles of circular economy. Proudly made in Italy.

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