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TAP bottles are made right here in the good ole USA by our friends at Liberty Bottleworks. We designed our TAP bottles to let the world know that traveling with a reusable water bottle is smart, convenient and stylish. The bottle features a textured world map, the TAP logo and our slogan "Travel Smart". But that's not all, here's some more cool facts about our bottles:

  • Get a TAP Bottle 3 copyManufactured in a zero waste facility
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Bottles are 100% recyclable
  • $5 goes to help support TAP's mission
  • The wide mouth threadless design makes for easy cleaning and is ice cube friendly.
  • The gradually tapered neck mimics the smooth pour of a wine bottle
  • TAP bottles exceed FDA requirements, are non-toxic and independent lab certified to be BPA free.
  • Flexible food grade coatings insure no chips or bacteria build up.
  • Cutting edge technology. Cylindrical printers that give you graphics you can feel.

Getting your own TAP bottle is a win for the environment, the people and places you visit and helps encourage more travelers to travel smart and bring their own reusable water bottle. Be an ambassador for Travelers Against Plastic and get your TAP bottle today.






Founded by the Executive Directors of two US based sustainable travel organizations; Crooked Trails and Wildland Adventures.


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